Info-Day of ECORED project. 19th September 2017, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

Opening session of ECORED Course Delivery at HCMUT
ottobre 23, 2018
ottobre 23, 2018

On the 19th September 2017, working towards the implementation of WP5 “Delivery of ECO-RED Modules”, an Info-Day was organized at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) to promote ECORED project to students as well as providing them with consultancy and instructions on how to join 05 eleborated courses wihtin the project.

The meeting room for the Info-Day was fully filled by over 200 young dynamic and energetic students with high motivation to learn about the courses to be introduced. They came from different faculties at HCMUT.

The representatives from ECORED team at HCMUT made a brief presentation of ECORED project to give students an overview of the project activities and some background for the elaborated courses. The ECORED team also made careful explaination on the syllabus of the 5 courses, what is going to study and particular themes to be covered in each course.

Hundreds of questions were raised by students not only on the selection issues but also on the details of the course delivery. The students were very curious about different matters of the courses such as the contents included in each module; whether the policy of renewable energy was mentioned during the course; the required background knowledge to join these courses or whether any software needed to study a specific topic of designing power systems etc. As these courses are at undergraduate level, some students were wondering whether there will be any following courses they should take after completing ECORED courses to help them develop their expertise in renewable energy, a very new field in Vietnam.

At the Info-Day, the students were also advised about which courses would suit their academic background and career tendency.

The selection criteria was then asked by several students. “We will select qualified students with not only high academic achivements but also with great passion for studying ECORED courses”. These nice words were repeated by ECORED team during the Info-Day to encourage students to be confident to apply for the courses.

All students were very content about the information provided and are looking forward to the Call for Applications which will be launched soon at the University.