ottobre 23, 2018

The first project meeting took place in Hanoi (Vietnam) from December 8th to 20th, 2015. The meeting starts with the welcome of the Vice President of HUST University, Prof Hynh Quyet Thang, who remarks the importance of the topics of ECO-RED project, in consideration of the rapid economic growth which is involving the Vietnam and the interest to increase the collaboration with Europe, through Capacity building and research projects.
Katiuscia Cipri, project Coordinator of ECO-RED, introduces the main goal of the project and the tasks, divided into n. 8 Work packages. She remarks that a bridge should be built between Europe and Vietnam in order to share the different experiences and competences, to develop modern and innovative modules on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Mr Jan Naplava, EU Delegation to Hanoi, remarks the interest of Vietnamese Government to improve the use of renewable energies also promoting new policies to support them.
The meeting continuous with the presentation of each partner University and a detailed description of work packages and working plan. In the following days the participants started working, divided in groups, in the organization of the project activities and the next deadlines to be met.